Checking out Bexim's Bazaar, a wonderful new zine for tabletop game crafters

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Now if only I had space for a dedicated miniatures wargaming table…

I really miss the zine/DIY print publishing days of the 1990s. I loved all of the weird and wonderful DIY publications and mail art of that era. I hope some of this will come back and I have fantasies of engaging in some of it myself in 2019. As Jeremy points out in the video, there is something really special about thumbing through a physical magazine devoted to some nerdy obsession of yours.

@garethb2 I just want to point out that zines and the DIY print culture of the 80s and 90s isn’t at all dead. It is, in fact, thriving. Cities large and less large all over the world regularly host zine fests, more and more libraries (public, academic and independent) are building zine collections or are dedicated exclusively to the art and craft of self publishing. Brick-and-mortar stores like Quimby’s, Blue Stockings, and even the gift shop at MOCA-LA all sell zines on the regular.

For a (North American centric) list of zine libraries you can check this list from Barnard College

For other zine resources and events, Stolen Sharpie Revolution is a good place to start.

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