Zippo's amazing, weird new colors

What do you mean by ‘friends’ ?

They (not Zippo, some one else) flame-less inserts to toss in the case. And IIRC Zippo themselves make (or did) a butane torch lighter in the traditional case, if its an insert you could swap it into your lighter of choice.

Many of these have been available for a good long time. Including the Chromatic one pictured. That ones been on the market at least since I hit college 14ish years ago.

They are some what useful for camping and outdoors stuff. So you could potentially find an excuse to buy one. But I tend to think that they’re not the best choice. The fluid can leak, and off gasses when the lighter is stored. So if you plan to store them in an emergency kit or something you have to pack both the lighter and fluid. They can also be really finicky if you don’t keep the wicks and wadding in good shape.

I was waiting for the Zippo tricks like opening up the lighter at a foot of a hill and have all the burning go back in the lighter, leaving 183 unburnt homes and some flighty horses. That (well, it works in little bananas foster scale models in tile foyers) in mind, it doesn’t work to just put some high-test brandy in there, does it?


That awkward moment when you tilt your head in front of the screen trying to see the colors in the photo shift.





I bet there’s even a tacticool version out there somewhere. Brown leather seems so 70s.

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Yep, I know someone who has one, or at least I recognise it, and now I’m racking my memory trying to remember which of my friends owns it…

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Seems like some maker out there ought to be able to repurpose a Zippo to make those tricks relevant again…

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