Zombie-killing animal of the week: Ravens


I think I’ve finally figured this series out: the creator(s) have got zombies confused with ordinary dead people. They do look rather similar, after all, and the latter are well known for their general willingness to allow themselves to be nibbled to pieces by animals of all sorts. Perhaps they’ve only seen zombies in still photos?

Unfortunately, the former are famous for aggressively approaching and attacking anything that moves, and also for congregating in large groups. This rather undercuts the NWF’s logic for all animals to date except, possibly, the smaller insects. Still, points for effort!


I’ve made noise in all of these thread based on the same theory. But Ravens are BOSS so I think I’m ok with this one.


Well, somebody has hopefully brought this up here before me, but if we’re going to get all “scientific” about how scavenger animals would decimate the zombies, maybe we should back up a little to address the laws of thermodynamics-- what exactly is powering these walking dead?

Personally I see the enormous benefit of putting the zombies on treadmills powering generators, with a human brain on a string always just out of reach. Bye bye energy problems.


Ravens are definitely BOSS. We had one that would steal eggs from our coop after visiting the compost. I’d shake my fist at it through the window & declare “Raven, if I did not admire you so I would resent you taking what is obviously yours!”

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My grandmother’s old house/property was on a chunk of oak forest. It turned out to be something of a breeding ground for the local owls, crows and ravens (rare here but around). Unfortunately owls and corvids don’t get along. The great horned owls used to go around after the eggs hatched and toss all the little crows and ravens out of their nests. G-Ma saved one of the crows, named it Inky after the Pac-Man Ghost and rehabbed him for release over the course of 3-5 years (seems like 5 in my memory, was probably closer to 3 from what my mom says). He ate raw hamburger, mimicked human speech, followed my grandfather around like a dog, and hated cats. Used to sit on the counter in the kitchen and squawk at us, stayed in a medium bird cage when company was around but otherwise roamed free. They actually had the thing basically litter trained it only pooped in the cage, or certain other areas. Corvids are weird, entertaining, and bizarrely intelligent critters.


I’m beginning to feel sorry for the zombies. It seems like just about everything can kill them.

All they want is to shuffle around and maybe eat a few brains. . . and every thing tries to kill them!

Won’t somebody think go the zombies?

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Aaaand back to the endless loop.
… zombie ravens.

Fire, decapitation or complete pulverisation only.

I’d suggest that you don’t take anything in our Walking Dead vs. Wildlife video series TOO seriously. We are talking about something totally made up here. Our goal is to have some fun and highlight some cool North American wild animals and the work of the National Wildlife Federation.

That said, keep in mind that we are specifically talking about Walking Dead zombies: slow moving and dumb. The human form is exceptionally frail, and we are exceptionally weak compared to other animals. Zombies, especially half rotted ones, would be no different. Bears, wolves, mountain lions, coyote, bison, elk and even an deer would quite easily be able to fend off even a pack of zombies. Carnivores are ruled by their nose, and are generally smart animals. It wouldn’t take them long to learn that zombies made an easy meal and to take advantage of it.

In the case of corvids (ravens, crows, jays), these are exceptionally intelligent animals capable of learning and advanced problem solving. Ravens and crows also regularly feed on decaying flesh. While they would be more prone to getting devoured themselves by zombies than would larger wildlife, it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine them learning that could land on the back of a zombie and tear off a chunk of soft flesh and fly away before the creature even noticed it.

Mother Nature doesn’t waste anything and that’s why she’s badass.


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