Zoo bans woman having "affair" with chimpanzee

I bet that she disagrees.

(A controversial song: That Controversial Cabaret Lyric Change | The Official Masterworks Broadway Site )


As some people in the above correctly surmised, in conversational Dutch the word aap is used for both apes and monkeys. We also have the word mensaap (‘human ape/monkey’) which means ‘ape’ or ‘primate’, but that is slightly more formal and is commonly used in biological contexts only.


And that is a reason to hire human translators rather than use machines.

Has anyone thought about the chimp. He is locked up 24/7 and someone outside his cage is interacting with him every day. Nothing to do with her crazy marriage talk. It’s about depriving the chimp of some probably much needed distraction.

I think the chimp is going to miss the distraction. And maybe he has developed a relationship with her like a beloved dog with its human companion.

I speak Dutch, and the words for ape and monkey are the same: aap.

Nevertheless it’s having a devastating effect on him socially, within the only group he needs to be concerned with. He’s being rejected by his peers, which for a social animal is a big problem, especially now that his suitor is gone. The worry is that it may be too late. This behaviour ought to have been nipped in the bud a lot earlier.

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