Zoomable view of ex-Apple designer Bret Victor's bookshelf

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It’s nice, and it’s zoomable.
But it’s not THIS nice and THIS zoomable… :smiley:

I can never resist looking at these; I have a few books in common, but there are some which are going straight on the wish list. For next Christmas, if necessary.

[caption] Some shelves not shown.

I’ll bet. Agatha Christie? Harold Robbins? Asterix? I think we should be told.

If it were me, my Asterix shelf would be on proud display!

(although my Iznogoud books would be hidden away since they’re the shitty 2010ish translations)

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Great snakes – I mean, by Toutatis, you’re right!

I bought Asterix and the Pechts last year; in Scots, because I was in Scotland at the time, and it seemed only appropriate. The first post-Uderzo but with his blessing, it’s uneven in quality, but the translation is fun - Getafix’s Scots name is Kensawthetrix, and Unhygeinix the fishmonger is Minginhaddix.

I read a lot of Lucky Luke when I was young: when I become a trillionaire, I’ll collect priceless first editions of the Morris & Goscinny canon.

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I’m not sure about the most recent one, it seems that the new artist was playing it safe with the illustrations but they’ll presumably find their feet. Unfortunately it seems that there’s still only one Goscinny, but at least Anthea Bell was handling the translation - I’ve never come across a better translator.

I ran across an Ompa-Pa comic at a cousin’s house the other week, now there’s an obscure blast from the past!

Perhaps I’m just a dullard, but to me this looks like a catalog of books painful to read. Where’s the Zelazny and Bode? Tolkien? Douglas Adams? Where’s the Da Vinci and Hogarth art books? Walt Kelly? The classical authors? Cheez, is there even any Hofstadter? Surely there’s G.E.B. in there somewhere and I’m just not seeing it?

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There’s “I Am a Strange Loop” and I think “Surfaces and Essences”. [ETA: there it is, third down & second section from the left. Right next to “Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies”, for that matter.] [And ETA again: “GEB” is a dozen books to their left.]

Ahhh, Walt Kelly and Hogarth: I love them both, in their rather different ways. I’m devouring the Fantagraphics complete Pogo as they are - slowly - released.


online bookshelf photos…combined with…shelfie app…life hack?

It’s always been my habit, to ignore the person in the photo, and take in their surroundings, especially if it’s in their home. Books, things, the background – that’s what makes me squee.

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Zoomable, shmoomable, I prefer enhancing

I made it a bit more readable:

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Thanks, that’s a relief!

I was afraid this was the bookshelf of a hyperintelligent soulless robot.

I got Volume 3 as a solstice prezzie, and just finished savouring it night before last. (There’s an explanation in the back for why Sis Boombah must not see Indian Charlie, BTW - I’ve always wondered.)


What a great post! I also go straight for the bookcase. I would feel right at home in this room, based on his book choices. Lots of books in common, and many I’d like to read one of these days.

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