1:9 scale diorama of Mel Gibson's 2006 DUI arrest

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That was excellent. I didnt notice a brogue though (sez I).

Nice commentary on the US political environment.

And a treasure hunt!


If Bobby had gone for 1/24 scale, he could have skipped the (although extremely impressive) car build by going with a 1/24 Testors 2007 Crown Victoria. Very, very little mod would have been required. Then again, such a smaller scale would not have immediately screamed “Obnoxious Drunk Mel”; too small a head.


Oooh, I was hoping he’d replay the scene, including known dialogue.

What a tremendous project!


The David Lynch vibes are strong with this one.


I’m pretty sure that’s Blind Boy Boatclub who in addition to everything else, is a world class sculptor and modeler.

The detail that got me was Mel’s left toes are curling up in a vain attempt not to take a drunken step backward in order to remain upright. This speaks to my very soul.


My joke there being that with the shattered remnants of my Culchie / bogger accent I barely noticed his Dublin 4 voice.

I found part of the coordinates for the location of the stash, then using a little analysis of the burial site photos and the overhead photo I was able to find the location’s thereabouts. I was going to have a friend who lives locally go dig it up but alas it seems the hoard has been found. I hope they didn’t use metal detectors.

Burial location:


thank you so much for this. I had a brief moment of optimism after seeing this.

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Incredible talent, but the commentary was the icing on the cake. I truly hope he posts more videos.


That was probably the funniest model build I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Thank you!

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I’ll echo what several others have said here. I avoid watching videos online, especially when they’re close to 20 minutes, but this was worth it. Nominated most Wonderful Thing of the month.

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