1-bit tarot cards with a glitched twist


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oh wow, i love this. it would be so cool to be able to have a full printed glitched-out deck.


I see … Chaos


eh ? everyone has different tastes ?? i am proudly techno-pagan , but i would prefer 24 bit visual colour , plus 8 bits each of infrared and ultraviolet - - please ( do they make 40 bit laser printers ?? are ir and uv inks even available ? ( google says yes !! to inks - - ( toners are implied ) ) ( maybe i can just run 2 passes on a printer ?? ) )


I was thinking that these would make interesting lithographs or large scale wood cut prints.

“This is a series of woodcuts by Andre Kerkhoven illustrating a book of poems (in Dutch) by Paul Rodenko. This was published in 1979 in the Hague. The illustrations are litho printed but the originals were woodcuts.”


Is 1-bit the new black and white?


Not quite the same thing, but I got a deck of these back in the day:


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