10 gifts you can get now that don't need shipping

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could have sworn there have been articles warning against sharing DNA with companies? #justsaying


I came here to say the same thing, but fully expecting to be deleted because boingboing does not like us questioning their contradictory and/or hypocritical choices.

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The number of sales posts on the /blog version is overtaking the actual content…


That’s some ‘discount’…

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maybe they need the cash? or the store terms of service have changed and they’re locked in?

Foundr magazine ? More like Survivorship bias magazine.


I’d like to see them found a new way to fund Boing Boing, it’s getting weird and annoying.


Or even get a better online store partner - StackCommerce really isn’t highly-rated.


You won’t get deleted, just ignored. I envision the entire BB staff sitting around with fingers in their ears singing la la la every time someone calls out the store posts.

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many many thanks to sid meier for the concept , but !! freeciv for the win !! http://www.freeciv.org/

What is it?

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