Save an extra 15% off these DNA kits in honor of DNA day

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Don’t you love it when the boingboingshop account posts products that were previously called out as crap or fraud on Boing Boing?

How about when the product is a giant privacy nightmare?

How about both!


Clearly whoever chooses products for the shop doesn’t read Boing Boing.

It’s a bad look for a good group of people.


how’s about losing ownership of your own dna file


The review of that book doesn’t explain what is wrong with some of the claims made by consumer DNA testing companies, nor the things that are actually quite useful, that make testing still a very good choice for a lot of people. Separating the chaff from the wheat, so to speak.

I just enjoy the oxymoron on the box, “I’m unique, like you


The BB shop is so bad that it’s slowly pushing me away from reading this site. I wish the crew would fire their third party gift shop company and bring the merch in house.

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Maybe a good deed for DNA Day might be diving into the years-long backlog of unprocessed rape kits.


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