10 reasons why Fletcher Hanks kicks ass


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Fletcher Hanks comics are incredibly violent, incredibly stupid, and incredibly beautiful. His first published work appeared in 1939, only months after the first Superman story ran, and his last work appeared in 1941. Then he disappeared.
All 53 of his batshit crazy tales have been reprinted in “Turn Loose Our Death Rays And Kill Them All!: The Complete Works Of Fletcher Hanks.” They are likely to pop your eyes, blow your mind, and leave you speechless. Shortly before his death, Kurt Vonnegut wrote that, “The recovery of these treasures is in itself a major work of art.”


Truly a memorable quote…

Good lord! Leopard women on giant saurians!





Galloping galaxies, and I thought Basil Wolverton’s “Spacehawk” was weird!


Where are they when you really need them?



“Stardust then unfolds his tubular spacial.” That’s not something you hear every day.


Trump and the TGOP in two panels.


Makes me think of Bruce Bickford, the claymation animator most famous for his collaborations with Frank Zappa.

(Full documentary available here.)


“The hugest giant in the Universe” live in a Space Pocket - my brain esploded with that one. Oh, and the pictures too. All some pretty wild Hanks stuff!


She is the white (of course!) protectoress of the jungle

Would it have killed you to say “protectrix”?


Yikes. The headless Cyclops remind me of the fantastical anthropophagi, they going way back to the times of Ancient Greece, except the anthropophagi were described as having full face with two eyes.


After writing this piece, a Facebook friend inspired this image:


To me, it looks like the love child of Fred Thompson, Gerald Ford, Kelsey Grammer, and this guy:


I’ve been struggling to recall where it was that I first heard of this guy. But I prevailed:
Garfdust [Square Root of Minus Garfield #2519]


That’s what I thought as well when I saw that pic.


Hugest! There it is in print! I can use it now through literary convention. Oh thank god. What an humongous relief.


Must resist temptation to buy $50 art book


These stories are what you get when you ask a six year old boy to write a story. And then… and then… aliens show up, riding on… dinosaurs… and… shoot them with eye lasers! But Bash-man puts on his eye laser blocking hat! See http://axecop.com/ for instance.

Of course, your normal six year old isn’t nearly as angry and twisted as this.


They are still around…