10 videos of drunk people trying to eat sandwiches


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Scrolling down, I thought, “You would think that the Hoff would be – ah – there he is.”


I feel worst for Master Chief.


Guy #2 appears to be covered in tattoos, completely wasted and alone at a Third Eye Blind concert… And he’s missing their signature hit “Semi-Charmed.” Or maybe he’s just a living expression of it.


Not a single phone was held correctly to film in 16:9


I don’t get it… I’ve shoveled yogurt into my craw while blacked out on post-surgery propofol and painkillers, so I’m pretty I’d need to go get my stomach pumped and have some hemodialysis if I ever drank enough to have difficulty bringing my hand to my face.


That’s what I’m thinking … I can’t imagine being so drunk I can’t eat a sandwich with some degree of competency. And I am very, very far from a teetotaler.


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