How stoned is this motorcycle journalist?


Kind of reminded me of George W. Bush. I don’t think being stoned was his problem.


Do you have any proof he was stoned?

I think he’s the voice of this puppet, too:

well, we get it, but…


It’s not personality, it’s just… hey wait, it IS personality!

Edit: Sorry, didn't mean to reply to @noahdjango .. just came into thread to make fun of stoned guy and then kind of got distracted and hit wrong button, so now composing long, rambling apology.

Did they unpublish it? I cant find it.

Also you should strip their tracking out of your URLs.


Because who the hell wants to help facebook? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I feel like I’m through the parody worm hole here.


Do you mean the Crescent Fresh guy or Chester? Because he could be the voice for either one.

heh, I meant the first guy, but realized Chester was in there, too, after I found the vid. I suppose either/both, but I’ve always analogized Chester’s mindset more as “acid.”

stop the bus. stop the bus!

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“So this man called Steve who was not me took me out on his mohmmercycle…”


Chester is my spirit animal. :smiley:


Oh man I hope that is just how he is when talking. And yes he should mention the Triumph.


I vote for “He’s taking the Mickey”

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I could swear I’ve had that guy come through my line at the checkout. No, seriously–looks just like that, same odd speech pattern. Where was this shot, anyone know?

I know of a couple of people that naturally talk like their stoned. One had a brain injury and the other is slightly autistic (highly functional). They have problem with jobs.

I find it a bit disconcerting that boing boing would immediately jump to “He’s Stoned” And slander this guy for the LUZ. Something I’d expect from 4ch…but not here.

There’s nothing in the vid that says he was stoned…but there’s something in the headline that says he was stoned.


I’ve had conversations with intelligent autistic people about how they like hanging out with stoned people because they feel on the same wavelength. There can be overlap in terms of tendency to ramble and have trouble getting to the point.

What gets me about this video is that it’s not just the “talent” but also the video editor that was clumsy. It’s like the editor was trying to be ironic but couldn’t quite get there.

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Is this one of those things where everybody can see the Emperor’s clothes except me? That link takes me to a page with no videos at all.

Maybe he’s just an idiot.

Oh sorry… I meant to say eccentric… Well… No I didn’t.

He’s just an idiot.

Mr_Hambone: You beat me to it, ya dingus.

C) Not scratch his head with his helmet on…like ah