People on the news who are totally not stoned

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I’m higher than a Georgia pine-tree right now.


He’s so high you can’t get over Him.
He’s so low you can’t get under Him.
He’s so wide you can’t get around Him.

Woo! Help me somebody.


:44 second mark, when was Manu Ginobili on Cops? :confused:

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.something, something…mighty lamb?.. something… something…


Brian Eno/David Byrne - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (listen to the whole album, fantastic)


I’m so high, they call me, “Your Highness!”


They forgot a few. Like this one:


Yeah, not sure if seeing Tommy Chong high can be considered a blooper.

BTW: I can totally relate to the “we ate hash brownies and I think we’re dead” distress call. Folks: if you ever make hash brownies, be sure it’s not the only treat available when you eat them or you’re in for the munchie spiral of doom.


Watching that video sent me into a news blooper binge watch. It was totally worth it!

So that’s what happens when you’re high?

Yeah, I was with someone one time at a concert who ate one too many brownies and was 100% sure he was dying. There was no convincing him otherwise, even after he called for medical assistance and a pair of very patient EMTs repeatedly checked his vital signs and assured him that he would be fine in an hour.

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Well the last time that happened to me was three decades ago, but the traumatizing memories are still well alive. Anyway, I can assure you that there was no being fine after one hour. Eventually fell asleep and woke up the next day, still in a state of complete distress. No medical assistence because we never ever called any but it was a very scary experience. You really think your breath is going to stop somehow.

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