BBC reporter giggles beside flaming heap of drugs, possibly because he's high


Thankful for the BBC right now…

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This is a remix.



I dunno. Just reading the phrase “flaming heap of drugs” makes me giggle, but then I have a weird sense of humor. It makes me think of this:


Stephen Tomlinson as ‘Damian Day’ reporting for GlobeLink News in Drop the Dead Donkey. That was brilliant topical satire, it should come back. :smiley:

I had that book when I was a kid. It was my grandfather’s. I didn’t understand that panel until I saw it again at age 30.


It’s funny when rich white guys get high, but a crime for everyone else…

When I’ve heard of and seen burns on the news or in newspapers when the burn isn’t in an incinerator and is outside then they use some kind of fuel-oil or gasoline to burn it. I dunno’ how much of that I’d be willing to breathe for even a pretty good high.

CHASE THE DRAGON reporter man


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