Man digs tunnel from bedroom to pub


Pretty sure that site’s an Irish Onion…


There’s an article on witch dunking.

Yep, am Irish, can confirm.

HOAX. Buzzfeed has even updated their post with the update.

"This post has been updated. This story is a hoax.


We messed up. The story is a hoax, and we fell for it. We’re really sorry. Original story follows."

I hope that BB can at least match the editorial standards of Buzzfeed.

Not the funniest example of someone getting fooled recently. This one is better:

None the less…


Didn’t David Beckham once wear a t-shirt with a picture of Adolf Eichmann on it, thinking it was a fan’s grandad?

Sometimes I think that I will never understand British slang…



Needs more blight.


My God! Buzzfeed promulgated a story that wasn’t strictly speaking true? Is there no integrity left in this world? None?

Ha! Silly me. Updated! Thanks!

Ahem. Buzzfeed updated their post with both a correction and a mea culpa apology for spreading the hoax. Boing Boing? Not so much. So, Buzzfeed is actually demonstrating higher editorial standards than BB, which is pathetic. I expect BB to be more ethical than a site like Buzzfeed, not less.


Pesco has fixed this. Yea :slight_smile: The world slowly rights itself. Faith in BB +1

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If you’ve ever smelled the breath of a inveterate hophead in the marnin’ after a night of knocking back IPA’s, its hard to tell the difference between the smell of ‘the drink’ and a sewer. Still, I could have hoped for a better outcome for our hero after 15 years of wandering in the underworld than to pop out in the women’s loo. He was dodging women at both ends of the tunnel.


nice symbolism there gilbert. now for some more potatoe references:

Just after reading this, I ran across this
Trump ‘may sue’
story on the BBC. Figures.

So smaller potato?

How do you tell blight without the leaves?