10 women style and wear the same dress


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Nice. That’s a great look with the jeans.

And 0:53 if anyone was wondering.


The only thing that it’s missing is pockets?

That’s sort of a big deal.


That really didn’t look very good on most of the models. The dress wore them, instead of the other way around. And yeah: no pockets!


Pockets are what the courier bag is for. Pockets with everything!


The only thing it’s missing is 15¢ of practicality that’s actually worth 100% the value of men’s jeans. Sure women get to wear a lot more varied stuff, but seriously, pockets are important.


I believe that to be a very nice white and gold dress


Oh, I thought they would all be in the same dress. Like how people used to shove themselves inside telephone booths for fun.


Now that’s a video I’d watch!


Where’s the men in that dress?


I assumed that some of them probably were, but sure enough the title suggests otherwise. People might be “either” sex, flip a coin! It’s not like one often has proof either way.




Well, if the video was smart, it would tell you where you could get the dress, and then you could “engage with social media” using a hashtagged instagram, or whatever the internet kids think is cool these days.

#prada #moreexpensivethanyoumightthink


I applaud your commitment to reigniting old internet holy wars.


Last week I bought my first dress in a long time at a thrift store for only $8. It’s kind of a boring cut that’s hard to do anything with, but I couldn’t resist the red paisley pattern. I was embarrassed to see that it had shoulder pads stitched into it, so those came right out. I still don’t know how/if I might style it further.



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