100 Years of Beauty - Episode 10: Germany

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Seriously? They’re gonna put a military cap on her when they’re showing her 1940s German hairstyle? That doesn’t seem like the most tasteful of all possible choices.


From this series I learned one interesting thing. No matter the country, I’m more interested in the 1920’s and 1930’s.


This might get me put on the list, but could you consider putting all of the previously ones behind the jump, Mark? I can’t stand the front page interface so I go to /page/1 to get the old interface, and your post takes up about a quarter of the entire first page.


East Germany in the 80’s FTW.

Also, the video should be accompanied by THIS song

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“It was all the rage back then, you young’uns wouldn’t understand.”

Love the split/unsplit screen. And, 1950’s for the win. Again.

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