100 Years of Beauty - Episode 9: Italy

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I hope 2020s is like 1920s.


First one I’ve seen in which the '50s didn’t pwn every other decade.

You had me at 1910.

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Curious if there’s a similar 100-year take on women’s beauty (a term that is, no doubt, fraught with all sorts of pitfalls) from the standpoint of Africa or the Middle East?

I believe there’s one for Iran, at least. Here it is: 100 Years of Beauty: Iran

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Thanks for that–the videos in the OP weren’t labeled (IIRC) so I didn’t want to start/stop eight YT vids just to see the X I was after.

That said, the woman in the Iran video–wow. It’s fascinating that the hijab was worn in the 1910s, and then wasn’t worn again until roughly the 80s, at least in popular fashion. Now I’m curious about the sources the “Cut” folks use to derive the looks they then create for the videos. I haven’t yet found any vids for African styles, I hope that’s next on their list.

And FWIW, their YT channel has some pretty good stuff.

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