101.1 degree sea temperature in Florida a global record if confirmed

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The resistance to acknowledging climate change is really about finding a solution that’s monolithic, technological and centralized, because that’ll be easy to loot.

These two questions—of sovereignty and of capitalism—point toward four rough paths. We call these Climate Leviathan, Climate Mao, Climate Behemoth, and Climate X. Climate Leviathan describes an emergent global order committed to the consolidation of capitalism via the organization of a form of planetary sovereignty that can overcome the collective action problem. Climate Mao would represent a similarly planetary-scale “solution,” but one dedicated to an anti-capitalist order. Climate Behemoth describes a global arrangement animated by a chauvinistic capitalist and nationalist politics that denies—until it can only denounce—the threat climate change poses to national capitals. Climate X is the name we give the collection of movements that pursue global climate justice: movements that build non-capitalist political economies, and construct solidarities at multiple scales that reject the political logic of sovereignty.

Climate X is what I was rooting for, Climate Leviathan was what I was resigned to, Climate Behemoth (perhaps in rivalry with Climate Mao) is what I fear is gaining traction.


That’s 38.4°C!


That’s poached fish.


Damn, you could make tea by tossing some Tetleys off a boat & dragging a mug through it


I wonder if throwing Exxon execs into it would cool it down.


And since hot sea water has less buoyancy they would sink faster.


Only their cold dead hearts. (not suggesting anything, just mentally exploring the options)


manatee bay is very near me and i drive by it if i have to go to miami. i will say this: it is absolutely possible that this very shallow bay that connects to the Atlantic through a series of inlets and channels through mangrove thicks, would reach such a high temperature.
that said, the water temps in the deeper waters where the coral reef is is only a few degrees cooler and is most definitely killing what little living coral that is still out there. the saddest thing i have witnessed here is all the newly transplanted corals that REEF foundation and Mote Institute had grown and placed are almost all dead. years and years of careful nurturing and now this. heartbreaking.


… my generation officially needs a new letter :disappointed:


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