Further proof of climate change


The disasters just keep multiplying!


Wait sharknado is really a hurricane?


I swear for fucking truth… if the sharks are still alive and actively attacking people as the storm makes landfall, I am fucking done with this version of reality.


What if they have frickin laser beams? I mean if I am gonna die by shark, laser beam sharks are it.


I know it’s just someone trolling… but this reality has become so fucking bizarre, that damn near any craziness seems possible, if not necessarily plausible.

I’m so damn tired…


I am betting they are more like small dogfish size sharks.


Just keep telling yourself that. I hope you’re inland.


About as far inland as I can get before going into the other ocean.


The sharks probably aren’t any happier about it than us. Unless they’re X-treme sharks.


Is it Shark Week?

I’ve lost track. Discovery used to put a giant shark on their HQ bldg but, they up and moved to NYC.


Nobody tell Trump. He might try to nuke the storm.