106-year-old woman dances with joy to meet President Obama and Michelle


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It’s gotta be kind of fucking mind blowing to live through Jim Crow and the Civil Rights era and the rise of the KKK and all that awfulness and, in your lifetime, to see a black family in the White house.

Mmmm, think I just felt Strom Thurmond stir in his grave a little bit. That’s goooood schadenfreude.


Perhaps she thought that he was her present…


Late term Obama is Best Obama.


Everyone must be so excited to have those videos of everyone else’s cell phones.

If each person zooms in on the video they took, they may be able to see Obama’s face in the screen of one of the other phones! Weeee!!!


I’m waiting for the Fox news report that claims POTUS is not doing his job and instead spending time meeting elderly people and pandering.


Your TeaBagger type GOP whacko just exploded in the region of the kranium.


What a beautiful day! :slight_smile:


agreed. now THIS is truly a wonderful thing.


So the Secret Service doesn’t just shoot suspicious black people? Why do they hate the police, or something?


That’s so sweet!

On a personal note, it’s somewhat reassuring that even two of the most eloquent public speakers have trouble talking to elderly people about anything other than their age.


She’s so awesome. I love her just staring at him and saying “A black President! And a black wife!” as if she can’t believe this is actually, finally happening in her lifetime.


Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barrack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing!


Hell, she likely remembers a time when most black Americans over 50 had been born into slavery.

These must be the moments that help President Obama get through all that crap that Fox and the GOP throw at him every day.


One can only hope.


I gotta admit, when I’m feeling disappointed in the recent rollbacks to civil rights, personal liberties, education, healthcare access, ect…it’s humbling and kind of encouraging to think what someone so long-lived has experienced. Now I just gotta live to 106 to see a better world!

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