Texas teacher claims Obama worked as a prostitute

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Mayor Mary Lou Bruner promotes ignorance as a virtue.

Dog help us!


God. What an ignorant human being.

Obama is clearly a Reptilian, not an ex-prostitute.


That person not only has the same right to vote as any other U.S. citizen, she actually governs a town.

I know this is trite, but in situations like this I really do feel for those who are stuck growing up in such an environment, who may or may not be able to rise above the abusive nature of this worldview shaping their childhood: seriously, I think of the children.


Isn’t the false accusation of a crime, a crime itself?
And by a public official?

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On the one hand I think how lucky we and the children are to live in the age of the internet. Kids who are stuck in small towns where these kinds of attitudes are the norm can connect with others, even if only virtually, and feel less alone.

On the other hand the same technology makes it just as easy to spread this sort of idiocy.


I’m glad their board of education has such competent historians.


It doesn’t necessarily have to be a false accusation of a crime; a false accusation of something legal-but-morally-turpitudinous-or-socially-condemned would typically meet the bar(our laws RE: Libel are nice in that they go atypically far in protecting your right to say true-but-nasty things; but they don’t cover falsehoods unless they are ‘mere abuse’ that isn’t a serious claim (eg. “X is a motherfucker” vs. “X has engaged in an incestuous relationship with his own mother.”)

That said, I think that it is very unusual for a political figure, especially a national, high level one like a president, to pursue libel/slander cases no matter how legally solid they probably are. Aside from the law generally being less sympathetic to ‘public figures’, it’s just much less slippery-slope-y if the president refrains from anything that looks like it might even slightly be an attempt to chill political discourse; and it’s also pretty much expected that your nuttier opponents will believe that you are actually homo-hitler if you make it into office, so it’s just not taken too seriously.

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I have to vote for Republican because there are no democrats running for local office. This year it’s particuarly tough just to find someone who is reasonable.

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True that. No reason to grant any legitmacy to such looniness by addressing it. Not to mention, the Streisand Effect.

How about listing someone as a write-in?


More like Loon Star State - amiright?

I remember rumors of Obama having gay sex and doing coke waaaaay back when he was first elected. It just didn’t have the legs that the birther conspiracy had.


There’s a story that LBJ suggested spreading a rumour that an opponent fucked pigs.

“But you know he’s not a pigfucker!”
“I know, I just want to hear the sonofabitch deny it.”


Yes, but their values and world view is still going to mainly shaped by the people around them i.e. the people who voted for this woman.

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The full force and might of the US Justice system bearing down on a white-haird old lady from Texas?

That’d look good in the papers, no matter what kind of nutter she was.


Tree Trunks is old and bonkers.


What is in the water in Texas?

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You’re clearly just racist towards Kenyan-Muslim-reptilian-communist-ex-prostitutes.


Not just the children of Texas! Bruner is a candidate for the Texas state board of education. This is the group that pretty much dictates the national curriculum. For some reason, textbook publishers sell to Texas first. As a result, all K-12 textbooks in this country are geared toward the preference of the Texas state board of education. A couple of years ago, they all but removed Thomas Jefferson from American history.


A lot of flouride, which crystallizes off of calcium structures and can pass through the blood/brain barrier into a persons thinking meat, which happens to be composed of a LOT of calcium…and lead, because it’s expensive to replace very old municipal infrastructure, so…pork barrel politics.

That’s whats in the water in texas.

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