American-born Muslim harassed in line at supermarket: "I wish they didn't let you in the country"


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So the moral is: Don’t let people in line ahead of you?


"I wish they didn’t let you in the country"



Obama’s going to be in jail?

It’s one thing to cling to this mistaken belief that Obama is a Muslim, but the idea that Trump is going to throw Obama or Hillary in jail is a fantastical conservative wet dream with no basis in any kind of reality. I guess conservative pundits are dangling that tasty piece of red meat in front of red-staters but the only way it would happen is if Trump suspended the Constitution and rule of law completely so there was no trial. Maybe that’s the real conservative wet dream.


And down the road from Reston in Alexandria, Va. I overheard a man telling the wait staff of a pho restaurant there how to run their business. Something to the effect of “In America, we do it this way!.”. The wait staff, all Asian Americans were speechless.

Trump is the gateway drug for overt racism in 'murica.


In my worst moments, I sometimes worry that they dream of goose stepping troops and ovens.


She probably get her news in the supermarket checkout. Every week Obama, Hillary and Bill are being arrested, trying to leave the country or dying.


You know she’s crazy because she’s pushing around a shopping cart to carry her… handful of little avocados.

Also because of, you know, what she says.


Maybe by US standards, but there’s still the whole war crimes issue with extrajudicial drone assassinations. Probably nothing he worries about much though. He’s in the same boat as the previous and current presidents.


The face of the few people who still participate in democracy.


Or in my state, the face of the people whose votes aren’t made completely impotent with gerrymandering.


She wishes all muslim women wore niqabs, you know, like a mandatory Star of David patch.


I saw a headline on the Enquirer(?) at Rite Aid the other day that said “World War III is coming!” or something to that effect. I thought, “huh, that’s a different tone, these rags are usually all about Trump.” Then read the subtitle (or whatever you call the second, smaller headline) and it said “How Trump will crush our 8 enemies!” and I realized they were cheering for World War III…


To be fair at least that one has the potential to be true. The “Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya” nonsense has been thoroughly debunked many times, but Trump would hardly be the first corrupt ruler to disregard rule of law and imprison his political adversaries.


I wish the woman filming had just said “Yeah…I’m a monster.”


Ugly Muricans, yes indeedy.


So, when are we going to have people who are being KIND put onto video and spread all over the internet? Or does one have to be loud not have kindness noticed? Just curious.

And I’m not denying the above crap happens, but Sheezus Pleezus, so does the good stuff!


So egregious even the Daily Mail pretends to care.

Well, no, the Daily Mail publicises stuff like this in order to tell their readers “look, people like you are saying it out in the open now!”. It costs them very little to tack on the “not that we approve, WINK” fig leaf.


“What set you off?”

Another example proving that Trumpers are nothing more than Trolls. Its not about policy, its about school yard bullying.

Don’t feed the trolls!


Don’t let the Age of Trump get you (too) down. Cute cat videos, Good Samaritan videos, videos of people being silly, and videos of people being talented, creative, or otherwise amazing are everywhere. (Do you really not see links to stuff like that every day?)