MAGA fan outside indictment proves boxes are not really in Donald Trump's bathroom (video)

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Yep. When I think of the Amtrak-loving politician from Delaware, I think, “crystal chandeliers in the bathroom.”
Idiots. Never mind that Trump has admitted to having them and showing them to people without proper clearance. :woman_shrugging:t2:


“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”
– Carl Sagan


“I know he’s not a pig. I know he’s not a messy person.”

[citation needed]


“I reject your reality and substitute my own.”


I know, right?! Everything she said was conjecture. I really wanted him to ask “how do you know?”… but pointing out how baseless it was often goes poorly…


Maybe this same intrepid MAGA investigator can prove that he actually DID pay for everyone at Versailles, as opposed to just saying he would and skipping out? Or maybe Biden stopped him from paying…?


The fact of the matter is that facts don’t matter.


At this point, like… okay, we know his fans will never accept any negative thing about him ever. We know they are all-in zealots, immune to information. Okay, fine. This is well-established.

So these days what I try (and fail) to wrap my head around is why him?!? Why on earth did this segment of people choose this disgusting loser as their messiah? It hurts my brain so much. He has no redeeming qualities of any stripe that I can see. Even cult leaders are generally charismatic, at least.


They should lock him up for five years, minimum, for that bathroom “design” alone.


Anyone trying to draw comparisons with Biden, just tell them point blank:

Both Biden and Pence had a handful of classified documents, by all accounts accidentally, and returned them immediately.

Trump knowingly took hundreds of documents, stonewalled on returning them, finally returned some, and deliberately played cat-and-mouse games to keep the rest. He even privately bragged to people that he had them.

For all the MAGA talk of how “unfair” they’re treating Donald, he basically got a mulligan on the hundreds of documents he returned. If he had returned them ALL he might have even avoided this whole mess (not that I think it’s OK either way, but the stable genius 100% did this to himself.)


Primarily, because they see him as rich, powerful, and able to work the system in a way that they wish they could… Yeah, we see him as a gross, crass, bigoted, loser, who is the walking definition of white male privilege, but his supporters bought his image (primarily due to The Apprentice, or if their older, seeing him on lifestyles of the rich and famous), want that kind of lifestyle, believe in a tough-guy, top-down, bullying kind of worldview, and see in him the kind of person that they aspire to be (powerful, wealthy, who 'tells the truth", etc). They see him as charismatic and “just like them” and Trump is smart enough to play off that, and promote it to keep the fund-raising money rolling in…


That makes sense, sadly. Sigh.


When you explain it, it destroys the magic…


You meaning the programming.

The Dumbening was intentional, and way more successful than ever intended, as it also worked on its creators.


This is a handy reminder that every MAGA redhat is a moron. No exceptions.

Either they always were callous idiots, or they destroyed their own minds trying to pretend that Donald Trump wasn’t a moral black hole and utterly unsuited for presidency.


Even cult leaders are generally charismatic, at least.

Unfortunately trump does have charisma; at least in a relative sense. While you and me and everyone here finds it utterly nauseating, he manages an engaging nonsensical cadence at the microphone for those desperate to have their own archaic racist views validated. One only has to think about [bleh] desantis as a speech maker to see that trump has got a lot of that ilk beat at the rally level. trump has a definite mussolini ‘gift’ of gabble, (occasionally wondered if steve bannon got trump to practice off of news-reels of hitler) The republicans worked hard for fifty years to produce trump’s duped audience but they had no clue for whom they were setting up the pins -sigh-


I still wonder why on Earth Trump needs to be locked INTO his bathroom from the outside rather than lock the door from the INSIDE like the typical bathroom.

I guess the superrich ARE different from you and me.


Also never mind that at least one of the bathroom photos was taken by Trump’s valet. (Then there’s the photos of the boxes of documents sitting on the stage of Trump’s club.)

In fact, I’d say that everything we know about him shows he is a messy person, just one with a cleaning staff. I mean, he tore up documents and threw them on the floor of the oval office, after all… he’s absolutely a pig (in every sense).

I struggle with that. These days, I tend to think it’s really simple - he’s a rich, famous guy who was on television, moving the Overton window for these people such that doing racism and misogyny in full public view was now seen as acceptable. He’s nothing but an excuse to be an unapologetic asshole.