11 year-old Naomi Wadler's moving speech at the DC 'March for Our Lives'


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Um, wow…


“And we know that we have seven short years until we too have the right to vote.” [cheering]

And at age eleven, she’s going beyond that bare minimum of civic engagement–a level that the plurality of Americans will never even bother to reach in their lifetime.

Eleven years old. These kids are alright.


Indeed !!


This is a good time to remember that the post-apocalyptic society led by children in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome was actually considerably less violent and more democratic than the post-apocalyptic society run by the adults.

Kids: they really are the future.


It’s very appropriate that this young woman of colour would represent the face of doom for gun-huggers, driven as so many of them are by thwarted white male entitlement and toxic masculinity.

“Seven short years until we have the right to vote” – listen carefully and weep, NRA, because soon the biggest voting cohort by age will consider any politician who takes your blood-soaked dime to be unworthy of any decent person’s vote.


Just got back from the march. People were crying during her speech. Powerful.


I wasn’t there… but I did too.


preach kiddo…preach.


I keep expecting the worst politically.
Is there any possibility that in seven years she’ll become apathetic, or a right-wing gun-nut?


I cried more than once today as I watched the marches on TV. I’m physically unable to join them, but I was so moved by their spirit and determination. Naomi had me bawling and Emma…I couldn’t even breathe when she observed six minutes, 20 seconds of silence. For me, that was the loudest silence I have ever seen (not heard?)

The NRA funded politicians have no idea what they have awakened. Not only these students, but those students have parents, grandparents, other family and they all have many supporters…and they can vote.


WTF is wrong with these shitheels?


“No one would know your names” if a student gunman hadn’t stormed into their school and killed three staff members and 14 students.

EXACTLY, you evil shitstain.

That. Is. The. Fucking. Point.

These kids didn’t seek fame, it was thrust on them by your selfish myopia. And I suspect they’d all abandon it in a flash to have their friends and teachers and old lives back.

Edit: it’s as if the NRA has been watching the Westboro Baptist Church’s shenanigans at funerals and thought “Oh, that’s good. We can use that.”


Rick Santorum once again proves he is an irredeemable garbage person by suggesting the protesting teens should have spent their time taking CPR classes instead of demonstrating against gun violence. Because chest compressions are totally an effective remedy for children whose bodies have been torn apart by multiple softball-sized exit wounds.


Watch the other speeches on the same YouTube channel. The determination of these teens is really amazing. One can only hope they keep this momentum until they are old enough to vote.


Pretty much everything.


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