$12 chainmail scrubber works wonders on waffle irons


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Its funny we think we are so smart now, but people were cleaning their waffle irons with scrap chain mail for centuries, only now to be rediscovered.


We think we are so smart now we are eating teflon when it flakes off our non-stick pans.


In fairness, it helps with constipation.


Moon Waffles!


I was expecting an actual scrubber for chainmail. They must have had a way to scrub out splattered brains and gore from well-used chainmail.


All Druids : Do not use


I think the approved method was to toss the chain mail in a barrel with some sand and pebbles, then roll it around the courtyard for an hour or so.


I have a chainmail scrubber that a friend of mine made[1] for my cast iron. when it gets grungy, I either dump it into a sink of hot soapy water and scrub it against itself, or if I’m lazy I put it on the top rack in the dishwasher and let it do it’s thing.

  1. He does a lot of other things with chainmail, like ties, sashes, and other cool things. Not sure about the linking policy here, but If peeps are in arizona I can point you to him.


I haven’t bought this yet, but will say something in favor of the chainmail… BBQ brushes and steel wool shed wire.


Link away!


I guess another reason to keep using my vintage Sunbeam waffle irons, which have aluminum cooking plates. Never have to use oil and just brush the crumbs out when done.


The chainmail i presume would scratch the waffle iron more, making it more likely for the iron to get the batter stuck in it in subsequent uses. Unless one were to use a softer metal than the iron itself.

I use a specialized cooking iron for Venezuelan arepas and instead of scratching it up i heat it up and them pour a water+vinegar mix on it to loosen everything up and then wait for it to cool down and wipe or brush it clean


It depends on how well season the cast iron plates of the iron are. I can only relay my experience with my cast iron skillets, but the chain mail does not appear to damage the surface unless you get really agressive with it. The imfamous ScotchBrite ‘green scrubbie’ pads will damage the surface, that much I can attest to. Fortunately, with cast iron, scratches that cut through the seasoning are repairable (sand off and burrs and re-season the skilllet using any number of tutorials on the youtubes.) Deep gouges or major damage? not so much, but it’s cookware, not armor plating. :slight_smile:


Alas, he only has a facebook page, but he does quality work: https://www.facebook.com/TheModernMythos/


Does not scratch my skillet, I scrub hard enough to get whatever burnt on off.


Same here. I use chain mail on both our cast iron skillets and on our forged iron pan, sometimes quite hard, and no damage.


I’ve been using cast iron for over 40 years and never needed such a thing. A decent brush is more than enough.


oh, one of those monks.


Actually, you have your squire do the rolling.