12-year-old boy accused of raping 6-year-old girl has has bail adjusted to take family vacation

Won’t somebody think of the poor rapist?


So much silliness condensed into such a short comment.


Nothing pre-trial is supposed to be punitive, including bail. A person is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. The purpose of bail is to see to it that a person will show up at trial. Nothing more. Which is why many locales do away with bail entirely, since it tended to penalize poor people and there are other ways that tend to work better than bail at getting people to show up for their trials.


Who said that?

Thinking that a serial rapist shouldn’t have his bail adjusted so that he can take a vacation is not the same thing as wanting him “locked up forever and ever”.


Maybe the parents are taking him out to feed the sharks?

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You’re confused because you’ve committed the false equivalence logical fallacy. Do yourself a favor and read up on it.


I thought they might have been taking him on a nice long holiday in Bali.

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Quoted for literal truth. It’s bail for a twelve year old. The only concern is supposed to be flight risk.


LOL I did no such thing. I was just giving two extreme examples.

Yes I would recommend serious repercussions for a 12 year old who has repeatedly raped a 6 year old. Life long institutionalization may not be required, but this isn’t something one can fix with few therapy sessions. Certainly jail won’t cure him, and most likely something happened to damage him in the past, but someone who does this sort of thing will do it again and again and again.

But to condemn this kid (assuming he is guilty, we must always say “allegedly”) is independent of condemning the police actions of how they handled the 15 year old who was in a traffic accident. They have nothing to do with each other.

bjones1 seems to act like there is some sort of hypocrisy by suggesting leniency for one minor, and harshness for another. But there is no hypocrisy because the two incidents are wildly different. I was being facetious when I used the words “minor differences” which is why my examples of crime were as far apart from one another as one can get.

If there is any hypocrisy, it is how uneven the judicial system tend to meter out justice.

ETA - Though Mark and Rob may have different opinions on what one should do with minors who commit sex crimes.


Fair enough - it was easy to misinterpret. I do think allowing him to go on vacation is outrageous - however that goes hand in hand with a huge suspicion that the reason this kid did these things has to do with his current family life - a big ‘separate and investigate’ time out period is called for here.

SRSLY, what the fuck? The black girl on the bike had banged her head and been stunned prior to the incident.

Even adults in that situation can be erratic and combative. EMTs have to take shit from such patients all the time.


What is going on in a 12-year-old’s life where he gets the idea to rape a 6-year-old?


I hope he doesn’t meet any 6 year olds while on vacation.

Statisacally, you’re much more likely to kill someone on the highway than eat him or her for dinner. Therefore, the deterrence imposed by the criminal justice system must be much much higher.

Ah another person I want to punch until my fist falls off!

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Find out where the family is going, leak some details about his crime to the locals in that area…PROBLEM SOLVED!!

Well the two offences don’t really compare. Serial rape of a child is a serious matter.

Presumably, you’re a bit older than 12, and are approaching this comparison from a post adolescent viewpoint.

Well yes but it not going to matter much to the six year old girl whether their rapist is 12 or 24.


That should be the first question, but with our justice system?

If we had a functional system, it would be possible to have competent psychologists/psychiatrists spend time learning whether this child is acting out due to chronic abuse – and then prescribe long term intensive in-patient therapy – or was born without a conscience and thus the needs of society to be protected should take precedence, but we don’t. Two children’s lives permanently damaged, and we as a society have no way of competently dealing with it.


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