12-Year-Old Boy Mowing Lawn Has Police Called on Him: 'Who Does That?'

Seems like quite an over-reaction for accidentally cutting a bit of the wrong lawn. Who does that? Hmmm. It’s a mystery. Perhaps there’s some word for it, like, grassist?

Other people didn’t think that was right:

Something negative, however, has turned positive for Reggie. Thee viral video has helped his business. He’s received a new lawn mower and leaf blower from community members as well as several more customers.

A GoFundMe set up for his business has also already raised nearly $8,000.


Before I even clicked the post, I thought to myself “Is the 12 year old in question Black?”

Then I clicked, and of course he is.

The good news is that this unsolicited publicity has benefited the young man with the gofundme and the new equipment.

The bad news is this nonsense keeps happening.

Stop it, White People*, just;

* Who Do Shit Like This


To be fair, the story doesn’t say anything about the neighbors, other than they call the cops a lot, like it was customer service or something.

Go on, surprise me…


You’re absolutely right; I am making an assumption about the race/motivation of the aforementioned neighbors… based upon the countless times this scenario has played out before.

It’s possible that I’m wrong and they are not people of privilege… but I don’t think it’s very probable.


Yeah, me neither. Only one set of people who call cops on those lazy black people out working hard in the summer sun.¹ It takes generations of training to reach that level of cognitive dissonance.

¹Unfortunately, I know some white people who can bitch about black people being lazy in one breath, and complain about them for doing jobs in the second. I am amazed that they haven’t collapsed from all that spinning.


Funny, I was thinking just the other day about my grandfather, remembering the times I rode on his mower with him when I was small. He taught me you should always do some of your neighbor’s too—he said don’t do all of it, but always do some of it.


Not to mention that calling the cops on POC is putting them in danger, so even if the neighbor who likes wasting police resources wasn’t motivated by racism, it’s still arguably racist to call cops on POC for nothing. But yeah, I would be surprised if the neighbor didn’t have a history of racist behavior.




White folks use the police as a weapon of gentrification.


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