12 years in prison for Florida cop who planted drugs on motorists

To shreds you say?


Also, wtf happened to mandatory minimums?

If you have a mandatory minimum of 15 years for possession, how can it be okay for a cop planting to get less than the mandatory minimum for the fraudulent crime he created?

Also, he’s a cop, shouldn’t that at least double the penalties? Since he broke the public trust? Or are judges okay with cops betraying the american people and fundamentally running opposite to their duty?


I just applied in Washington state and the app literally had a checkbox saying “I have never been arrested or charged with a crime”.


I wonder how they handle the situation where you get arrested on a warrant for someone with a similar name. My full legal name is as you see it, but I’ve had process servers come after “Deborah” at my address. Proving that I’m not Deborah can be surprisingly difficult.

ETA: I just realized that BB is one of the few places I post with a handle. Normally it’s my initials and surname, with the initials beginning D - which is, actually, my full legal name. And, yes, if anyone wants to trace me down (it shouldn’t be hard) by all means do; I don’t mind.

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General population? :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


Freaking awesome. Period.

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