15 Hilarious Things People Actually Believed as Kids


(Yeah, I succumbed to 5 of them :sunglasses: )

IE: I believed that if I ate a watermelon seed, a watermelon would grow in my stomach.

OR: I believed that white cows made white milk and brown cows made chocolate milk.


My dad once told me as a kid that the road signs on freeways that said FALLING ROCK were actually there to commemorate the heroic life of the famous Native American chief Falling Rock and his contributions to America’s roadways. I believed him for many, many years.


You must have him confused with Native American chief Rolling Rock and his contributions to the glass-lined tanks of Old Latrobe.


I believed that if the ice cream truck was playing music, it meant that it was out of ice cream. Thanks, Mom. –Rebecca Ahlgrim

As a long-time critic of lame ice cream truck music, I LOLd at this one.


I grew up in Florida, and when I was 5 or so my parents had a hard time explaining that we would not need spacesuits for the road trip we were about to take to North Carolina. I was a little unclear on the difference between states and planets.

Also I believed my dad when he said “Peugeot” was pronounced “PEE-ott”. I was 30-something when I learned otherwise. I kind of wonder if he sincerely believed that was the pronunciation.


That’s almost like he got Fiat and Peugeot confused with each other.


I believed that Gary Coleman was dead.

Okay, I believed that as an adult.


He is dead.


Lame, and racist.



I thought, into adulthood, that Amazing Grace was about a woman named Grace.


Where babies come from: I thought a man put soap in the toilet and peed on it. Then the woman peed on the soap.



I believed that one.
Then again, I also believed that adults knew what they were doing…


I remember having lots of playground discussions about this in elementary school.
“So how does the baby get in there?”
“It’s got something to do with a boy’s penis. Something comes out of it.”
“Like what?”… “Pee, I guess.”
“Where’s it go?”
“In her ear or in her butt?” … “Eww!”

We settled on peeing in a butt as the best explanation.


Um. I’m pretty sure that’s actually correct.


The ice cream van that visited my street when i was a kid played the Match of the Day theme.

I’ve never heard any ice cream van use the Test Match Special theme though. :frowning:


Nuh-uh. I heard it was Princess Falling Rock, and I believe it because it was a girl scout troop leader who told us.

On topic, I didn’t really believe it, but it’s a fun story.

As for what I actually believed as a kid? I thought that adults knew what they were doing and could be trusted. I also believed that the world was fair. THAT was a rude awakening, but at least it happened when I was still young enough to be flexible.


Did he have an explanation about why that Chinese guy, Ped Xing, has his name everywhere?


The “Teachers live at School” thing is really common, speaking as a teacher. I’ve had kids ask where my bed is. And when they see you somewhere outside of school, like in the mall on a Saturday, they have a total meltdown.

As for me, I didn’t realize until I was probably 20 that boys didn’t wipe after peeing. I had a brother just 18 months younger than me, so I have no excuse for that.


No, but he did try to tell me that when you see “SLOW CHILDREN” signs, it’s to let you know you’re entering an area where a lot of slow children live, and we should feel sorry for them.


How about that really tall guy named Clarence? I see his name and height written on bridges all the time: CLEARANCE 10’6"