$150,000 "Black Beauty" Manganite specimen to be auctioned


Of the various Manganite groups known, the one seen here is arguably in the top 5. Single crystals run riot over the upper surface of a massive Manganite/Pyrolusite matrix, with thin layers of the original wall rock visible on the absolute bottom of the specimen.

Tannins linger on the palate, with overtones of plum and ripe gooseberry.


Sweat emanates enticingly from flushed skin; a momentary silence.

Wait, what?

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Bid on the heulandite is up to $21.00. A Boingboing bounce?

This stuff is why I got into geology. Of course no one tells you that you never get to actually find all the pretty minerals in perfect crystals like you see in the books.

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Jesus, it’s not a rock, Marie. It’s a mineral.

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