150-piece Fallout 76 Pip-Boy 2000 construction kit

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Is vegan leather the same thing as fine corinthian leather?


I think it’s leather harvested from vegans.


Would be more impressed if they had instructions for a working lcd and raspberry pi zero controller embedded so that you can tab through options.

THAT would be cool.


I’d rather have a Farnsworth.


it sounds more appetizing than poly vinyl chloride or polyurethane.



It’s a fancy way of saying pleather. And keeping the price the same as animal flesh leather.


Looks real nice i dontnsee them lasting long. They will be very popular this Christmas for sure.

Only if the fine Corinthians were vegan.



It is the fine hide of many naugas.


I’m not up on the Fallout series, but…why does it have a vagina?


Don’t you mean vegana? I assume it’s built around a Fleshlight, but I’ve no idea whether the original included that functionality. :wink:


Have you tried fisting?

Seriously-- it’s a wrist mounted computer. You stick your arm through it. (A vagina is closed at one end, like a scabbard )

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More specifically, it’s a model of a wrist mounted computer. It has no electronic functionality. It doesn’t even have the option to mount your phone as the screen the way the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy apparently did.

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Unlike your mom.

(Sorry, I’m sure she’s lovely.)

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It’s actually a bit surprising that the Pip-boy companion app from F4 wasn’t revived for 76. I can only assume that uptake was fairly tepid; because it was a cute trick and because 76 has substantial architectural similarities with 4; so neglecting it suggests a real lack of interest.

That said; even with support the retro-tech aspect of the Pip-Boy actually makes it tricky to get a good emulation of: the CRT implied by the dimensions of the device is not something you can readily get your hands on: it’s deliberately not very flat; but it’s impressively shallow; I’m not sure that there even is an equivalent to be had from any of the little portable TVs or oscilloscopes you could salvage one from.

We obviously gave up even prodding in that direction because proceeding down totally different lines was the better bet; but that hasn’t made CRTs to suit any more available.

For the authentic experience, I’d expect brahmin leather.


A glass or plastic lens over a flat display might give the impression of a curved CRT. The problem of how to craft the right lens, I leave as an exercise… (Hm, clear epoxy, or telescope lens-making techniques…)

(That’s a tiny 240x240 display with joystick Pi hat.)

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