$150 "Qux" gadget sure looks a lot like this generic Linux TV box that wholesalers list for $15

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I’m sure there’s loads of clever custom software loaded on the Qux that justifies the additional cost. Or somethin’.


This is a scam like the “Freedom Phone”.
And it will work just fine.


It is almost certainly cheap crap.

Some of these types of products (and there are hundreds) range from “Cheap Crap” to “Pretty good”.

The Pivos Xios (long dead now, don’t try finding it) was in this price range, and really great! But sadly could not ever compete on price. They were actually a major contributor to the XBMC (now Kodi) project, and as such had the best out of box experience.

But it’s most likely cheap crap mainly because the Infowars people huck nothing but useless cheap crap to their audiences which they I am sure think of with utter disdain.


So it’s junk?


A little detail that may of help.

“Amlogic” is a manufacturer of ARM system-on-chip components that are used in innumerable cheap Android devices (and some hobbyist development boards). They are favoured as Amlogic develops ARM SoC’s down to a price specifically for these types of devices.

The market for Android set top boxes (often built on Amlogic or Rockchip SoC’s) is ridiculously commoditized at this point, with passably functional boxes sold under a plethora of well known and no-name brands, but all usually manufactured by one of a cluster of companies in Shenzen. The price often only varies by the amount of storage space and RAM in the device rather than its processor’s capabilities.

This is absolutely another ‘freedomphone’ moment, and all the ‘features’ this device’s target audience are looking for will, if at all, be implemented in software.

The likeliest possibility being an older version of vanilla Android (sometimes with malware depending on the reseller) with a dumbed down launcher, possibly a reskinned version of Kodi, and some plugins to directly stream fox and its ilk, if they can be bothered.

I’d actually find it kind of fun doing a teardown on one of these for comparison.

Its not ‘junk’ per se, just a generic commodity device being sold at a premium price to a particular market using dubious claims and screwed reasoning.

Like selling tap water in a La Croix bottle.
Its still drinkable, there are just no tangible benefits over tap water, and it cost way more.

Edit: Who wants to bet it’ll come loaded with subscription services whose fees get piped back to Ms Weaver somehow ?


I operate a couple of OSMC Vero 4Ks, which are Kodi-on-Debian-GNU/Linux-based streaming/multimedia boxes whose hardware base is probably similar (and quite solid). These retail for around €120 apiece, but come with five years’ worth of software updates and absolutely first-rate customer support seldom if ever seen anywhere else in the industry. Well worth the premium IMHO.


LA CROIX? That sounds French, buddy.

We only drink Freedom water around here!


This is a pretty good example of what I meant above.

The vero 4k is a generic Amlogic (S905D I believe) SoC based box with branding, a direct equivalent could probably be purchased for half the price, BUT well worth the money because with the purchase you get exceptional support from the very people developing the software it runs.


So named as the brand originated in La Crosse, Wisconsin ;p


People realized that’s a viable business strategy, so they’re imitating it - no surprise, really. It’s hilarious to see the MAGA crowd getting so fleeced, though.

I immediately start thinking of currently-untapped markets that could use a cheap, re-branded product sold for an enormous mark-up, aimed at Trumpers. Don’t actually have to do anything to the product besides the re-brand, though being able to have custom software makes it less obvious…


The closest galaxy to our own is 2.5 million light years away so even if they get the thing to work you’re bound to get some serious lag.


Oh, great. Now I can’t use “qux” anymore as a metasyntactic variable because the MAGA crowd has ruined it.


I have a headphone/amp from China that I used to use with my old mac. The case is shared by innumerable other Chinese DACs, mini-amplifiers, and other tat. At the time, it was well reviewed, and claimed to have a decent chipset. Other similar looking devices? Maybe not so much,

QuX may look like other devices because it’s housed in the same generic case. And even if it is a commonly available SoC, it’s the software that counts. (and there’s no way to evaluate the software from their prospectus.)


Given that “Patriot Phone” was the same deal, was it any surprise someone would rinse and repeat the same formula?

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Alex Jones, Jim Bakker and others sell rebranded supplements for crazy prices to the cult. MAGA profits are there if you are willing to sell your soul in order to fleece the ignorant.


Sir! I demand evidence that these shit gibbons have a soul! /s


Well now! Sounds like a fine opportunity to roll right into the MAGA Market with my new product, FREEDOMWater!™

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*America Bottling Concern, Shenzen, China.
**Freedom from surveillance bots not a guarantee as per Chinese law.


I don’t care if I have to wait 2.5 million years, I want to see what sort of content other galaxies are producing!

(and yeah, I get that I could very theoretically be receiving content as soon as I hooked it up, just 2.5 million year old content…)


Qarl Qoriander Qux?

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