1949 chart shows difference between high- and low-brow taste




My Heavens, what a load of arseholes.


CSB: while I don’t have a Harris Tweed suit or jacket, I have a Harris Tweed wallet. It is rad and I love it.

Edit: this is actually kind of fun. My tastes are almost exclusively a Saw tooth pattern if mapped through the graphic. So what does that make me? Indented brow? Lopsided brow? Hole-in-the-rock-Brow? :slight_smile:




I can remember charts like this from magazines my parents owned in the early 60s. They were more ironic by then, and had some cool design elements. The actual content doesn’t matter; every year it is thought up fresh by some interns in a dungeon in Manhattan. By the time I could read, the magazines smelled funny and the jokes took 20 minutes each to explain.


What about unibrow?


I like beer, cosmology and astrophysics, jeans and sneakers, ontology and existential questions in philosophy, greasy hamburgers and Coke, art and science history, South Park, arthouse cinema, weed, furthering political evolution, and porn.

Phrenologise that.


‘‘Let’s see … the upper middle brow like to play … The Game? MOTHERFUCKERS’’


Unwashed salad bowl?

Well, I suppose diarrhea was raging high-brow in the late 40’s


On the page before in the Life article this is described as “tongue-in-cheek” (it was the work of the editor of Harpers).

BTW, a few pages later (p104 of the issue) there’s a great photo of a bunch of Shetland Islanders in “dippy drinking bird” costumes. Worth a look.


I was wondering about that unwashed salad bowl thing too, and found this explanation from the LA Times.


I love how the goddamn Freemasons are lumped down there with comics and beer. Maybe I should join?


I scrolled backwards to “Miss New Orleans gets a public paddling from her husband” on page 91.

He responded by pushing her to the floor, giving her a few husbandly whacks and saying she could have her divorce.

Christ. There is your asshole.


It might be one of the other lodges.


What exactly is “The Game” mentioned in uppermiddle brow on the second page? Does anybody know?


If the beer of 1949, which would have mostly been variations of Budweiser, Schlitz, Falstaff, etc., was “low-brow” where would microbrews be placed today? Actually there might be a whole separate column for them. For instance:

High-brow: Dogfish Head, Stone Brewing
Upper middle-brow: Flying Dog, Schlafly
Lower middle-brow: Sierra Nevada, British imports (Newcastle, Boddington’s)
Low brow: Magic Hat, Red Hook, Samuel Adams

Discussion, disputes, and outright outrage are welcome.


Don’t forget the 1950s-60s craze to make Caesar salad, complete with raw egg, in those re-purposed wooden salad bowls.


Clearly, Suh, you have placed the British Imports in the incorrect category. As all purveyors of what is good and pure know, British Imports are better and should take their rightful place in the High Brow classification. Good day.


It’s nice to see that opera doesn’t get you into the high brow clique.



Oh come on, /RAGE FACE was a perfectly appropriate response. Damn post rules!