This British gent lives life like it's the 1940s


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What’s not to love, denial of reality with the comforts of a reliable fridge and a spiffy hat.


Everybody’s got to have something, it’s nothing personal.




Are these two even aware of each other?


That would be a very romantic coupling, but she’s stuck in 1939 and he’s stuck in 1946. One thinks Chamberlain is PM and the other Churchill. I don’t know if they could reconcile those differences.


It’s a world of difference, I know. He thinks a couple more biscuits at tea is okay…they’re celebrating! She, on the other hand, is upset they’ve blown their allotment for the month.


I thought this was going to be an article about Jacob Rees-Mogg, but then I remembered that he wants to live in the 1840s, not the 1940s.


Was gonna say something worse…I know no POC who want to live in the past. Some are reliving it right now, and it’s horrible.



I can’t help but wonder what sense of false nostalgia drives someone to this.


Well then she should be easily convinced to give up a small portion of her property to him to maintain the general peace.

Does she have a cabbage section of her garden to yield to him ?


Given all the Nazis everywhere, are we sure it isn’t the 1940s?
I mean - they’ve invaded Poland.


My mum had a matching biscuit and cake tin just like that one.

Nothing in them, of course, but keep smiling, eh?


Sounds like he’s a “Chap”;


Ah no, 1840s are after the Reform Act of 1832. Rees-Mogg wants the late 18th century when gentlemen could go on extended tours of Europe and sample the local culture without interference, and the farm workers slaved to make it possible. The 1840s are far too progressive.


His dog, Gromit is very handy and he really, really likes cheese!


I was wondering the exact same thing. Rationing was in effect until the 50’s, does he take that into account when he’s buying food?


Obnoxious… definitely.
Harmless… I think so.
Interesting… eh, not really.


Do you mean at the Thai place on the corner?
Or the Starbucks… or maybe the Mexican place?

I’ve never been to England, I hope I got my diasporas correct.