This British gent lives life like it's the 1940s


Probably about right except for the Mexican thing; I want to say I hear complaints from people who live in the UK about how you can’t get good Mexican anywhere. Swap it out with a curry shop and you’re definitely safe; it actually show him going to restaurants and things?

…Actually that’d be fie, thinking about it. Restaurant food didn’t count against your rationing, which is why restaurants became huge in wartime and post-wartime Britain. They opened cafeterias which made good, cheap, non-rationed food during the war, and a lot of them stayed open for quite a while after.


Here’s some info on march organizers:

Sadly, ‘neo-nazi’ description is accurate. Giving Roman salutes, glorifying SS officers, they are not even trying to hide with it.
It’s even more disgusting and ridiculous, considering how much damage Warsaw suffered during WWII from the hands of Nazis:


Including Mexico (not a fan).


Wait - aren’t they like +99% white?

“According to the 2002 census, 36,983,700 people, or 96.74% of the population, consider themselves Polish, while 471,500 (1.23%) declared another nationality, and 774,900 (2.03%) did not declare any nationality. The largest minority nationalities and ethnic groups in Poland are Germans (152,897 according to the census, 92% of whom live in Opole Voivodeship and Silesian Voivodeship), Belarusians (c. 49,000), Ukrainians (c. 30,000), Lithuanians, Russians, Roma, Jews, Lemkos, Slovaks, Czechs, and Lipka Tatars.[166] Among foreign citizens, the Vietnamese are the largest ethnic group, followed by Armenians and Greeks.”



I find it hard to understand the hate. I’m just happy someone is having some harmless fun. Yeah, lots of bad crap happened in the '40s, but it’s not like he’s saying that he also enjoys being racist and getting bombed by Nazis. He likes the fashion and the aesthetics and, I imagine, reading books instead of updating Facebook. The monster.

For a place that celebrates “mutants,” there certainly is a lack of tolerance for the differently weird 'round here. Especially considering the steampunk fanboys. How is this any different than wearing a hoop skirt and gluing gears to your hat?


For the fascist and neo-nazi types, if they cannot find enough POC, any difference will do. A friend was severely beaten(several broken ribs, damage to internal organs) just for having shoulder-length hair. Fascism at first attacks POC’s and religious minorities, but everyone will get on the list, sooner or later.


I guess they’re like Otherkin, but with time periods instead of dragons.


I imagine the encounter would go down something like this:


Until recently (maybe 10 or 15 years) it has been pretty hard to get (actually) good Mexican food in the US too.
I might have said curry, but isn’t curry the national dish (little joke). You’ve had it (assumption recognized) for quite some time, no?


Wouldn’t most Britons in 1946 know that the PM was Attlee?


They used to beat up the Scots in Carlisle (about 7 miles from the border) when I lived there.



Not to mention that plenty of sites maintained by historical societies employ staff in period costume. All he needs is a gift shop!


I’m not British myself, but yes, Chicken Tikka is the most eaten single dish in the UK.

As far as the US, there are definitely a lot of mediocre places, but a friend’s brother’s
technique seems to work pretty well: try and figure out which place(s) the local mexican
population goes to. The one here is a little out of the way, maybe a 10 minute drive, but
it’s really good.


Johnny Twennies lives in the Roaring 20s: MAN OF THE CENTURY


Poland has a fascist streak. They were killing Jews in the early 1960s as part of their anti-cosmopolite campaign.


As a style thing, why not? Some women swear by 1920s Chanel or YSL’s New Look. Some men like a good steel shank shoe and a shave from a straight edge razor. Even now makers will cram a serious gaming rig into one of those lovely old radio cabinets.

Living in the past can be comforting. If nothing else, you know what the future holds. That newfangled NHS will still be around in 70 years, fighting for its life, but still around and even more amazing. I’m guessing this guy is more about the look than somehow being pre-Thatcher.


That was a communist crime, not fascist. In fact it was one of many horrible crimes committed by communist Polish government. It’s one of reasons that communism(and fascism too) is now illegal in Poland. Similar campaigns were happening in entire soviet bloc:


In America or, indeed, anywhere with a sordid colonial past, fascism is bound up with racism, sure, but fascism is actually somehow worse than just plain old racism. There is no level of purity, no level of conformity that is enough for a fascist system, because it lives not for the purity itself but the act of the purge.

As a result, in a country that’s 100.0% ethnically homogeneous, they’d pick on something, anything else, if only people not being fascist enough.


I’ve got to learn to keep on top of these new-fangled abbreviations people are using. POC caught me off guard; piece of crap? No, don’t think so…oh!