1950s Muppets threaten you to drink Wilkins Coffee or die

I love all those ads, short funny and quickly to the point.

If only YouTube ads were like those, the 5 seconds would be a joy rather than feeling like 20 minutes.

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Thank you. I had no idea this had merch. I’ll hold onto this until gift giving season.



My how Jim Henson changed!

The very second Julia Lepetit from Drawfee decided badly drawn kermit was a funny meme


and a one and a two and Wonder Showzen - White People - YouTube

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With the exception of the UK government’s 1980s ‘Don’t Die of Ignorance’ AIDS-awareness adverts, those are quite possibly the most sinister adverts I’ve ever seen.

Agreed. Fucking HFCS ruins our bodies and our palates. Hopefully the EV revolution will kill the corn lobby’s fuckery in the biofuel space.


possible viewable through private mode


War crimes anyone? Drink Kraml milk or get waterboarded.

interesting but not even close to waterboarding,or any type of war crime.

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Seriously? I feel like none of you could relate to Wontkins. Me, I’m a Wontkins man through and through, explosions or no.


To the others - go read the history. Apparently the characters were called Wilkins and Wontkins, and the real Mister Wilkins didn’t like them, and — oh, go read it, it’s not long.

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