1970s Kylo Ren


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grooving tonight at the mos eisley fern bar

you’ll never see a more fabulous hive of polyester and courvoisier


I have no idea who Rylo Ken is, but isn’t it a kick on New Years Eve to find Jason King staring back at you?

The missing link

Mr Peter Wyngarde was also Peter Quint and Peter the Painter. And hasn’t yet petered out.


That’s not Peter O’Toole? I’ll be darned.


I’m learning all kinds of things today! Peter Wyngarde played General Klytus in Flash Gordon, who is as emo-fabulous as Kylo Ren, and as shiny as Captain Phasma, and golden to boot:

Beschizza, you cagey bastard!




Here’s 2001 Kylo Ren.


I saw that episode a long time ago…

*Conscience: Stop. Don't.

…in a galaxy…

*Conscience: Please. No.

…that was really really far away.


Sorry, I don’t get the joke. Captain obvious to the rescue?


Actor Peter Wyngarde bears a superficial resemblance to Adam Driver, the actor who plays Kylo Ren in the popular 2015 motion picture Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

As Wyngarde was popular in the 1970s, however, images of him tend to embody now-humorous tropes of the era’s culture, such as feathered hair, elaborate moustaches, prematurely sun-aged skin and the use of cigarettes as character props.

As the original Star Wars was produced in the 1970s, some humor may be gleaned from the postmodern reimagining of the modern Kylo Ren character as if he had been depicted at that time, using the strangely convincing appearance of Wyngarde to represent the character as he might have appeared, yet embodying the gross exaggerations of 1970s fashion.

In this image, the “subtle” punchline is Wyngarde’s cigarette being photoshopped to resemble Kylo Ren’s red lightsaber, both highlighting and deconstructing the image’s variegated tapestry of allusions and ironies.


Wow, thanks for the in-depth answer (no joke)! One never stops learning :wink:


New guy looks nothing like his purported parents - I’m thinking the milk man paid a visit.


He’s in Dolby™ !


I love it when Rob goes all academic


Sploosh I’m yours for the taking, Mr. @beschizza.


OKAY http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Series/JasonKing



In a THX certified theater no less!

Damn I miss the Deep Note.


Post the back of the card, PLEEZ!