SNL presents, Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base Edition



“…Kylo Ren … I think he gets a bad rap …”



“Oh no! He’s choking on food…”


“I haven’t had my muffin yet Matt!”

“Yeah, I’m 90 percent sure Matt is Kylo Ren …”


I love how even when he’s supposed to be an “undercover boss” he just can’t stop himself from throwing tantrums and killing people. He just is too much of a man-child to behave himself.


That’s totally true. Adam Driver has made a bad guy like an actual bad guy. He can’t keep it together at all or stop thinking about what others think of him. And he’s obsessive, like Captain Hook.


Absolutely. It’s great having Star Wars with an actual bad guy doing Bad Things again. The prequels kinda dropped the ball on that one.

You got Maul, who has about as much characterization as a potato, then Dooku, with only slightly more characterization than a limp celery stalk. At least he did a few Bad Things, like colluding with some generic hench-bugs. Then we take two more steps back with Greivous who’s most important feature as a character is that he runs away from stuff and calls people mean names.

It’s refreshing to have a bad guy with some motivation and a backstory for once.


True again and making me wonder if Lucas forgot his feel for evil impulses around the prequelish period.

The Han-was-only-defending-himself also fits the weak Darth bad guy pattern.

By the time Anakin is spontaneously kneeling and improvising a bad guy pledge, no one can remember why it’s supposed to matter.



Not available in my country. I’ll just use my imagination I guess.


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