1973 Turkish action film stars a villainous Spider-Man



Classic! I love the many bizarre Turkish movies of the 70s and 80s.


Not bad at all, but I still prefer Italian Spider-Man.


Nothing compares with SPACEKISSER


I saw this one at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal a few years ago. Alas, as Turkish cinema goes, it’s really just plain dull most of the time. (I can’t say I’d previously heard of Santos. He’s pretty big, apparently.)

Italian Spider-Man is probably the way to go, though Japanese Spider-Man may offer a more authentic experience.


Scumbag Spiderman with huge eyebrowns, slightly fit bulletproof Captain America and freaking El Santo together: the recipe for greatness!

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Wow! This sent me right back to my college days in the late 60’s when I hitch hiked to Istanbul and slept on the roof of the “Old Gulhane” hotel, eating rice pudding and drinking chai! We went to a Turkish movie and watched Kilink! A serial about a guy wearing a skeleton costume. We had no idea what he did, but he seemed to be constantly whipping women. Whip em in the bar, whip em in the stream, but Whip Em Good! All the floozies were blond…The good girls were brunette, Here’s a scene from a Kilink movie! Thanks for that snap back memory!

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Turkish Spider Man, Turkish Star Wars, Turkish Star Trek, Turkish Rambo, Turkish ET.
These are some of the greatest films ever made.
Cuneyt Arkin, who starred in a lot of 70s Turkish cinema is arguably the best action actor ever.

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Italian Spiderman would’ve kicked Turkish Spiderman’s arse.

(Incidentally, the second series of Danger 5 just finished up. It was… I don’t know how to describe it.)

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I feel like this must have been on BB before, as I’ve seen it, and I can’t imagine any other place I would have seen something so bizarre.

“El Santo, el enmascarado de plata”

Mexican wrestler, had a bunch of (AWESOME) movies in the 50’s fighting Vampires, werewolves and space aliens.

Yep, pretty much just like this film.

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I’ve been told the plots typically go along the lines of: Santos is battling the vampires/werewolves/aliens, and then somewhere halfway through he says, “Whoops, gotta go wrestle someone.” And then he does, and then he goes back to battling the vampires/werewolves/aliens.

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Absolute legend. :+1:
Never broke kayfabe in over 40 years, even had a special mask so that he could eat with it on and the only time he revealed his face in public was just a week before his death. They just don’t make them like that anymore.


Hmm…where exactly was Santo? Or is this some Turkish Santo and not the famous Mexican lucha libre film star?

True! Except in “El santo y Blue Demon VS las momias de Guanajuato” Where he only comes in at the end of the movie to pass out mummy killing guns of which he conveniently just happens to have three in the trunk of his car and makes Blue Demon (Another luchador) look bad in font of his wife.

Good times.

You can see El turkish Santo at around 3:43, fighting some generic karate guys.

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