Watch Supaidāman, the 1970s Japanese live action Spiderman

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From what i had read before, which may or may not true, the show was one of the first to mix the zentai, power ranger like element and cross it with giant robots. I hope that’s true, but even if it’s not the show is delightfully absurd. I love that it was included in the Spiderverse comic arc from Marvel.

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Very nice!!!

…But it’s no Turkish Star Wars.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve read as well - that it was Spiderman that introduced and popularized the idea.

It’s not Turkish Spider-Man, either. (He was the bad guy in the movie. Captain America teamed up with a Mexican wrestler to stop Spiderman from killing naked ladies.)


This 'bot figures significantly in the plot of Ready Player One, so Spielberg had damn well get the licensing rights for the film adaptation.


Paging Ernie Cline… white courtesy telephone, please!

the staff at Marvel Comics, including Spider-Man’s co-creator Stan Lee, praised the show for its special effects and stunt work

Look’s better than the two seasons of The Amazing Spider-Man that ran on CBS ( 77-79 )

Is that a . . . beer can around his wrist?

I had to wait till I got home. That was fun. Thanks @pesco.

His web shooter presumably. Maybe it’s chunky because it’s a fully-functional prop.

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