Spider-Man cartoon from 1967 reimagined by multiple animators

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My kids mainly know this via “Spider Pig, Spider Pig, does whatever a Spider Pig does…” They’re too young to clearly remember, but I used to rent it for them (and for me) from Netflix. After a while it was unavailable. Since it was out-of-print, I’m wondering if it was valuable enough for someone to have kept it and just pay the penalty to Netflix.

Theme song was wonderful, but when I realized it’s an entire episode, my brain hurt.

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I wonder if one of the animators is Lindsay Small-Butera? Some of it seemed a little 'Piderman-ey.

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OKAY. It takes ELEVEN MINUTES to watch. I decided to watch a few minutes and the final credits arrived too damn soon. Forty or so animators threw some of their best stuff in there. Shaddap and watch!


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