These 60s cartoon themes are stuck in my head


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Wot, no Speed Racer? no Johnny Quest?



Thanks Andy.


I think I’ve blogged those in the last 18 months.


Even though I really like the original version of the Spider-Man theme song, the Ramones version has been my favorite since 1995.


Spider Man by a mile. That was the first time I heard the full theme song, as originally played, in decades. It is a really remarkable piece of work. (That Spidey cartoon was new when I was a kid, and I totally loved it. The character was less than ten years old at the time.)

Honorable mentions: The SHORT, SHORT theme songs of the Marvel Heroes (?) cartoons of Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America. (I think by the same outfit as Spider Man?) The animation quality was execrable, sometimes just panning across still artwork, but the music was crazy good.


The original “Jonny Quest” theme music was the best.


i periodically get the theme song from GO GO GOPHERS stuck in my head. it’s appallingly racist, but i guess on the plus side the gophers are the ones you are rooting for, and they always seem to win out over the US army.


Buy this cd. Never look back.


This lyric casts Spider-Man in a rather amoral light, as spider behavior includes cannibalism among other nasty bits. Or is the discharge one’s spidey-ness truly the beginning and end of the spider ethos?


I want this.


Y’all don’t know how good you had it.


I sometimes get the intro to Dangermouse rattling around in my head.



Anything from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show, also
"There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here!"


Scooby-Doo is really a secular humanist show. Barring the taking dog and somewhat questionable physics there is nothing supernatural about show. The kids use reasoning to figure out who committed the crimes.

I got to supervise a bunch of screenwriters one year for a fundraising event. I loved talking with them. Onee guy, who’s name I forget, was surprised that I cared about Scooby-Doo. We got to talking and I learned that no matter what happened, there was always a rational, if not also ridiculous, solution to crime(s) they solved.

As for Spiderman- Diet of Destruction (My favorite episode from the 60s cartoon)


Scooby is undoubtedly the result of an early CRISPR experiment.


Even the lead in is memorable:


I can here the the Bum bum bum dun dun dun dee just by looking at it.


The show music for Spider-Man was pretty trippy and cool stuff…

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