1990s teenagers gleefully record family van hitting the 100,000 mile mark

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Well, I too am thoroughly car blind, however I can tell you that the background music dates this at least post 1992, as they’re definitely listening to the soundtrack to Disney’s Aladdin. That tape got significant playtime in our 1989 Ford Aerostar.


The school principal/teacher mentions that “this is bigger than the Berlin Wall.” The Wall opened in November 1989, and official demolition began in June of 1990 and didn’t finish until 1992. The vankids give the 100K date as being in October, so this film was made in 1990 at the earliest.

The van looks to be a 1984. That implies about 17 kmi/year, which is a lot, but then, considering how many many soccer practices must have been involved, maybe not.


I wish I had been filming sometime in the '80s when my 30-year-old car turned 100K, probably not for the first time. After weeks of anticipation, I watched as it passed 99999.8…99999.9…and got stuck at 99999.975. It never worked again, and I didn’t bother to fix it.


Judging from the cars alone, I would’ve guessed 1989 or 1990. But they do mention the movie Aladdin in the van, and their fashion sense seems heavily influenced by the movie Slacker, so I put it at Oct 26, 1993.

The one girl has a red jacket that says _ _ _ _ Champs 92-93, so definitely 93 or later.


Could have been her great-grandmother’s, 1893…

Lol, wut?


I have lots of experience with vans…

100k on any 80’s-era GM car is an impressive achievement.

For comparison my 16 year old Japanese car is about to turn 300k in a couple of months.


Am I allowed to say “Pfft!”?

I do 100,000 miles (160,000 kms) about every two years.

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That’s cool, and it’s kind of blowing my head up because I can’t decide what it is. There’s the album cover reference, and there’s the character your avatar is based on (which I don’t know but always guessed was from Archer because of the style of drawing), and it’s a maximalist van mural, and from the reflections on glass it looks like the whole thing is a painting of a van with a mural, and it could be public art. What is that, and is that your work?

I can’t stop crying.

(The painting effect is because it’s from the show, which uses that style for the backgrounds and (rotoscoped) vehicles.)


According to the wiki it’s at least 1985. The distinction being the double stacked headlights which started in 83 and the different/updated side marker turn signals that started in 85. It could be as new as 90/91, but without seeing more it’s hard to say.

The 4.3L in the Astro is a solid motor that didn’t have much problem making 150-200k miles.

My car’s odometer is in km. Smaller units, goes up faster right? In fact, I’m already nearing 150,000 km. Didn’t even noticed when it past 100,000 km. This was because it has an additional digit. At the rate I’m going, I’ll be passing 999,999 km in just another 113.3 years.

I don’t know if this is an American thing or a metric thing, but all the cars here (even old ones like mine) have 6 digit odometers.Never could get the excitement over 99,999km when watching American TV shows. When a car makes a million km … now, that’ll be something to get excited about ! :smile:

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Guinness book of records claims a 1966 Volvo 1800 has passed the three million miles mark as of 2013.
Then again, the good thing about Volvos is that they last forever - and the bad thing about Volvos is that they last forever.


I would’ve gone post 95 with the pop-punk / heavy eye shadow look, but at least 93+ (grunge influence). The 92-93 champs thing says 94 ish though, no kids gonna wear anything for more than a couple years :stuck_out_tongue: but the vid audio quality is great, more so than i’d expect for anything in the 90s.

I do around 100,000 miles every one and half hours… though that is only orbiting the Sun…


A colleague’s girlfriend had her much-loved round radiator Volvo totalled by an idiot (while it was parked) at 133000 miles. She argued with the insurance company that she should have got more for it because it was low mileage.


They only had the square stacked headlights, square side markers and chrome wheel well trim in one year: it’s a 1985 Chevrolet Beauville. These things were a big workhorse model for Chevy back then, (i.e. most got sold as work vans, church wagons, school buses, et cetra), so 100,000 was common. A lot of times rust and transmission problems were what doomed these.

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Mantras had just beaten Academy … what year was that?