1993 New York City recorded in high-definition DVHS format


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I was in high school back then, and made special trips to New York City to shop for good new music on CD and (gasp) tape. To me, these images look like the New York I’m used to, which feels very, very strange as I remind myself that it’s not.


Somehow this makes me feel sad.


Funny to see a small percentage of guys still clinging for dear life to '80s suspenders and leather trenchcoats.


looks kind of soft compared to film.


Check this out at 1:43. Is that guy wearing a T-Shirt with the SS insignia? No wonder he didn’t want to be filmed.


That’s almost exactly the point at which I arrived in NYC to begin my career in what would shortly become Silicon Alley. New York during that period was a particularly great place to be if you were making good money*, so seeing these images brings back a lot of nostalgia. Seeing the images of the WTC and the firemen is bittersweet, but it is good to live it again. Thanks.


Where are the cell phones?


Thanks for making me feel old today.

On topic even in high definition there is a look to video tape that is different than film or digital that I like a lot.


In the trunks of the limousines - the only place they’ll fit.


Yeah I was wondering about that guy… Might be a biker since there’s bunch parked in the background.


I was immediately struck by how white the crowds are.


It looks like they stuck to the “whiter” areas of town.


1993? Why, that’s only a few years ago. Right? Right??


Times Square with cars in it? gasp


So. Many. Shoulder pads.


1993? If you see anybody schlepping anything that looks like a 1940s walkie-talkie… that’s a cell phone.


Twenty-four years, Liam.