19th century 9lb, 100-blade multitool with a pistol

LOL - were you really worried about anyone here looking down on you for having action figures? If anything they would poke fun at the meager collection.

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It went against his morals. It has hair cutting scissors.

Oh and it also has a gun.

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Some years ago, I traded a few hours of computer hardware and software work for a Victorinox 18812 Survival kit.

Along with the Swiss Champ knife set, you also got: a Sharpening Stone, a Ruler, a Mechanical Pencil, Writing Paper, a Knot Tying and an International Distress Signal Guide, Three Bandage Strips, Sewing Thread, Two Sewing Needles, Matches, Two Safety Pins, 3M Nylon String, a Signal Mirror, a Compass with a Spirit Level, a MAGLITE Flashlight (1xAAA), a Magnifying Glass, a Thermometer, a Small Fishing Kit, Tweezers, TWO Toothpicks, a Distress Whistle, and, for when the news media helicopters swoop in for the interviews after your miraculous month-long survival in the jungle, a Comb(!?). Complete in Black Leather pouch.
Still available on-line in a few places, though prices vary, crazily.

It’s one of my prized possessions.

Solingen has a reputation for swords, knives, daggers, scissors, surgical instruments - anything you can use for cutting really - since the middle ages.

If you are interested in swords etc. (and ever get in the vicinity): they have a phantastic museum. Their collenction starts with pieces from the bronze age on plus they have special exhibitions featuring loans from other museums and collections. Been there a couple of times, always worth it.
The museum itself is housed in a former monastry.


Pages in English, Italian, Spanish and French are availiable.


Oh, no, I expected accolades; I just meant to pre-emptively explain that they were not due me. Actually, the shadow is blocking my awesome pez dispenser collection and the roommate’s collection is much more extensive but it’s cropped out.

an example of the “bigger is better” syndrome.

BTW i like your handle

Not from Solingen, but if you’ve got some spare cash in the order of 50k EUR (70k USD) and always wanted a handmade sword fit for a king:

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