19th century 9lb, 100-blade multitool with a pistol




Seems…cutting edge?


I had no problems getting mine past the TSA, but they confiscated a bottle of water.


That design is sharp and blows me away.


If only MacGyver had one of these…


What, no USB stick?


Solingen still makes straight razors and some pretty decent ones too.


I can’t match that, but here are a couple of other multi-weapons:

(pretty obvious)

Three barrels surrounding a pike head.

Can’t believe the knife doesn’t have a crucifix. What if you need one of those when you’re shooting/stabbling/sawing/sewing someone?



Makes me wonder - who would Jesus stab?


That explains all those WWJS bumper stickers.


I was thinking of some bizarre analog to the sonic screwdriver.


Looks like that even in the 1800s they suffered from bloatware and feature creep.


Not really in the same league, but I consider this motorized Victorinox to be one of my prized possessions.

[Before you ask, all the action figures are my roommate’s, and yes, the Hulk is one of his prized posessions. He was wearing (one of) his Hulk t-shirt(s) today, too.]


How would you handle that of you needed to use, say, the straight razor? Do the knives separate from the twelve inch diameter housing, or is it just for the Giants of Yore?


I thought MacGyver WAS one of those.


These sorts of things were comparatively common, and were’t intended to be used. Basically a craftsmen or company combined all the different things they could make into one not very functional object, and put it on display. In fact I’ve heard most of the combination weapons you see were created the same way, craftsmen showing off. The idea being people would see how clever and talented a maker was and buy just a straight razor, or sheers, or revolver, or a simple multi-blade knife from them. They became pretty collectible though, and Victorinox and Wenger still make knives that contain every single available function as well as over sized (technically) functional versions of their knives for display/collectors.


Now THAT’S a knife.


This is MacGyver’s father.


Like giant sample collections. Of course! Cool!


Exactly! All sorts of weird shit got made this way, either as samples for dealers or gift to public figures. Watches with so many functions they weigh several pounds. Clocks to expensive to ever manufacture and sell. Guns so heavily engraved no one would ever be willing to use them.