19th century reporters carried clubs and knives to defend themselves against murderous Congressjerks


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That’s called bringing a club to a gunfight?


Sometimes it feels reassuring to remember that things have always been a sh*t show.


Was that weapon the precursor to the National Press Club?


Well I guess reporters can start doing that again but then the Congress snowflakes will cry it’s a violation of their rights.


It worked that way between the legislators themselves, as well. Once during the Civil War, when the legislature was debating Reformation and what to do with the leaders of the South after the war, they were so badly polarized and feelings were so raw that a reporter from New York wrote the only Senators who were not carrying a knife and a revolver were those who were carrying two revolvers.


Anyone who reads much American history?


So no one, then.


Guess I’m the odd man out for having a history fetish.


Or perhaps we might look to the story of the Caning of Senator Sumner?

thugs gonna thug, it’s just what they do



You… you mean the “good old days” are a myth?

(imagine your favorite “I am shocked!” GIF here)


Frankly, SIX MONTHS AGO seems like the Good Ol’ Days, now…


No, they happened around the time of the Golden Age of America.


So no Americans, then.


Gosh, you think maybe the details of a subject might not be known to everyone? Who’da thought?


You heard it here first!


Not the most complete list ever but enjoy:




The good old days as in yesterday: Lawmakers fight in the Texas House amid immigration protests