2-pack of battery powered LED string lights with remote

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How real is the claim of 48 hours on a pack of AAAs?

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They’re AAs. You could achieve a much longer life with parallel 1.5v Hobby batteries. The LEDs would probably die before those packs would.

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Part of the appeal, though, is the small weather-sealed battery holder (which also contains the circuit board for the remote control). If it can really run 48 hours on AAAs then it should be able to do 30+ on rechargeables, which would be pretty useful for us.

How well do most batteries backs on something like this account for the 1.5V/1.2V difference when switching to rechargeables? And what is the forward voltage on these LEDs (aka will 1.2V batteries do the job well)?

On another note: my mother in law used string LEDs (not these specific ones)with a custom ribbon to make a bow for the cake topper for my wedding. They were great.

I assume it is a function on how good the electronics are. Many cheap LED flashlights run fine on AAAs, this should be similar, though obviously that is another question that Mark might ask his friend, in the unlikely event he is paying attention to these comments.

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