LED camping light bulbs


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I just want to give a shout-out to the designers for using AA batteries. The number of devices (designed by complete bastards, I assume) with triple-A batteries is overwhelming. compared with double-A, triple-A holds half the charge for twice the price, and the number of compelling use cases is vanishingly slim


I agree with you unfortnuately the write up is in error, the lights take 3x AAA.




I guess it was too good to check.


@frauenfelder Care to share your file for 3D printing the socket adapter?


Well, I don’t like AAAs much either, but I think they are popular in products like this where space is at a premium, since in series they yield ~ 4.5V vs. a couple of AAs ~3V - which isn’t enough to drive the LEDs without a (slightly more) expensive DC-DC transformer, which adds heat, too. In a better world there’d be a Li-Ion battery in there with a mini or micro usb charger… but that would more than double the price.


A step-up transformer would introduce a little heat, and a little cost. At $4 per unit, I can see why they’d want to avoid that. But I’m not convinced that simply having a trio of AAs would add so much weight & volume that it would necessarily be a deal breaker.


Hooray for triple As!

Death to button cells!

(Granted, double As would be even better.)


Agreed - I personally wouldn’t mind a bigger/heavier unit running off AAs (though as I say that I am picturing it hanging lower in my tent…). It probably isn’t worth their trouble to sell two models, so they just aimed for the lowest common denominator.


Warm or cool lighting? I prefer warm color, like incandescent lighting. That piercing blue/white spectrum has no place in my tent at night. Like being on an alien probing table.


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